We make your home clean, safe, and healthy for your family

Our 8-Step Deluxe Package Deep Carpet Cleaning Process takes care of your carpet, and makes it look completely new. Our workers are certified professionals, and they use only products that do not affect your health, so they are safe for your children and pets.

1. Our certified professionals inspect all your areas thoroughly.
2. Prior to the cleaning process, we remove all spots, stains and dirt, except for the ones that have permanently changed the fibers of the carpet or upholstery. We then pre-treat the heavy traffic areas.
3. After that, we pre-spray the whole carpet area with our protein enzyme. This enzyme breaks up oil and dirt. Then we move all the light furniture, and prepare everything for the cleaning.
4. Then, your carpet is deep scrubbed with our 80 pound power scrubber. After this scrubbing, your carpet feels fluffy and soft. We use this process for all our works, and this cleans carpets and keeps them clean for a long time.
5. After preparation, we thoroughly rinse your carpet with hot water extraction. We apply the spray of hot water to your carpet, and then immediately suck out, along with the dirt. All the dirt is emptied into a holding tank, that we later remove from your home.
6. We apply carpet protector, which keeps your carpet looks.
7. The cleaning is complete, so all that is left for us is to brush it. We do it to give it a new fluffiness and shine!
8. In the end, we walk you through the cleaned areas to make sure that you are completely satisfied. You can check if all dirt has been removed, and if you require any additional actions, just tell us.

Palatine's Favorite Carpet Cleaner

David's Carpet Cleaning of Palatine is your carpet cleaning neighbor in Palatine, Illinois. We have been in the carpet cleaning business for more than 25 years, and we have made it easy for you to have great looking and clean carpets.  We use latest equipment for cleaning, while our workers are certified knowledgeable technicians. We have built ourselves a good reputation among our neighbors in Palatine as their carpet cleaning company that delivers quality cleaning and restoration services, and always on time!


Besides making your carpet look good, we also take care of your health. This is why we use only non-toxic and child-safe cleaning products. It may have crossed your mind that you are sneezing because of your carpet, or it gives you some kind of respiratory problems. You may be right, and you should call us immediately. After we take care of it, you can be sure that it is clean, and does not have impact on your health.


You extend your carpet’s lifespan and you protect it when you choose us to take care of it. We look at your carpet as your investment, and take great care of it. We take care of its cleanliness without the use of dangerous chemicals in cleaning, and we extend its lifespan with deep and low moisture cleaning.


Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Your interest comes before anything else. That is the main reasons why our customers always get back to us. If our customer is not satisfied in any way with our service, we will go back and make sure we do it right.

Cleaning Services in Palatine

David’s Carpet Cleaning of Palatine serves residential and commercial customers in Bartlett. We have certified and professional technicians that use latest equipment. They are very friendly and will walk you through the whole process. We give high-quality cleaning services to the Bartlett community, and we do it in the following services:

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Water damage restoration
  • Pressure washing
  • Stain removal
  • Pet odor treatment
  • Carpet repairs

If you want to have a carpet that looks clean, feel soft, and smell amazing, let our team of friendly and hardworking technicians do the job for you! For any question, you can call us at 847-350-7808.

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